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Repairing Services & Extended warranty

We are one of exclusive partners of Big C, Home Pro, Global House and more to be after sales services and repair center for their private brands small electronic appliances. Including the On-line Market who import their own notebook or electric small appliances such as Chilindo, C Mart.

Maintenance Service

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services.

A swimming pool is one if the most valued sources of recreation in hotel and even at homes. A swimming pool is a very expensive facility that should always be taken care of. AS matter of fact, a pool cleaner is important in maintaining the hygiene of a pool. We offer to clean the pool  with the reasonable budget through the removal of debris and moss that forms on the floor and walls of the swimming pool to ensure that the pool is fresh and clean at all times. The size and shape of the swimming pool play a great role in determining the services, Our service can be per each time/ monthly, quarterly or yearly contract.

Callcenter Service

+66 2-843-6989 ต่อ 213

Callcenter Service

+66 2-843-6989 ต่อ 213

Repair service

Repair Service