It’s a new Era :

  • For thousands of years of years bones were set blindly, now days we use X-Ray technology.
  • For centuries breast cancer exam were done by feeling lumps, today we use Mammograms.
  • For decades IV needles were inserted trying to feel soft veins, today light and sound are making the invisible visible.
  • The very notion of technology is to improve on old ineffective systems.

Evena’s disruptive, high-definition vascular imaging technology features Dual-Modality: patent-pending MultiSpectral Light and app based point-of-care ultrasound on the same platform – no other product in the world can do that.

The Evena family of vascular imaging devices provides medical practitioners the ability to rapidly obtain intravascular access with our unique Dual-Modality, regardless if the procedure is routine, urgent, emergency, or life-saving critical care.

Our wearable medical vein finder device provides everything a medical team could need in one system, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment, and reducing interruptions for medical personnel.


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